Insurance Billing

At Natural Health Center

As a courtesy to our patients, we are happy to accept assignment of benefits for most insurance companies. However, it is important to understand that the contract is between the patient and the insurance company. The patient is fully responsible for any amount not paid by the insurance carrier. 

Commercial insurance
Currently we have 8 providers who are contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield:

  • Rick Abbott, DC – Chiropractor

  • Lena Nazarek, DC – Chiropractor

  • Rich Woolley, DC – Chiropractor 

  • Jessica Overgaard, ND – Naturopathic doctor

  • Marion Clement, ND – Naturopathic doctor

  • Birgit Lenger, ND – Naturopathic doctor

  • Sy Cloud, L.Ac. – Acupuncturist

  • Sam Tocchini. L.Ac. – Acupuncturist

Federal government insurance
Medicare/Medicaid/GEHA/Tricare/VA/Mailhandlers do not cover naturopathic care. Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield currently covers naturopathic care, including massage services, and Natural Health Center is a preferred provider.

We have denials on file from Medicare for naturopathic/acupuncture services, so if you have a secondary policy, not supplemental, those services may be covered. Some secondary policies that have been billed and have accepted these denials for naturopathic services include Wells Fargo (Alaska Care), Blue Cross, Aetna, EBMS, ASEA and IBEW. Wells Fargo and ASEA do not cover acupuncture services.  

At this time, we are not accepting any new Medicare patients for Dr. Abbott.

Workers’ Compensation/personal injury
There are separate benefit verification forms Workers’ Compensation or personal injury. These are available on our forms page; you will need to complete and provide these forms prior to checking in for your first appointment.

If you are being treated for a Workers’ Compensation claim, you must be seen by one of our chiropractors or family nurse practitioners first. They will be able to refer you to see a naturopathic/acupuncture/massage provider if it is appropriate.  

We do not bill third-party auto insurance. If you are in an auto accident, we will only bill your auto insurance policy.  

Insurance payments
We make every effort to collect payments due from your insurance company before we transfer the balance to you for payment. Sometimes we require your help with this process. This includes submitting appeals on your behalf when a “non-covered” provider denial is received and you have verified via your benefit verification form they were a covered provider.  

If your insurance requests information from you to process claims, we will give you a written notification that the information is needed and provide a two-week grace period to follow up with your insurance company to provide that information to them. If after this time, the information is not returned or being followed up on, the balance will be transferred to you and any future services you may have at the clinic will need to be paid for in cash at the time of service.

For your convenience, here is a link to the insurance equality law:
 AS 21.36.090. Unfair Discrimination.

Insurance verification
If requested by our staff, please view and complete the insurance verification forms available on our forms page.

Natural Health Center, LLC’s 2019 State of Alaska Required Posting of 10 Most Commonly Performed Services
Per state law (Senate Bill 105, passed by the 30th Alaska Legislature during its second session), starting January 1, 2019, we are required to post annually this list of our 10 most frequently billed service codes from the six sections of Category I of the Current Procedural Terminology (“CPT codes”) book, as adopted by the American Medical Association.

Questions and assistance
For questions about billing, please call our billing specialist at 907-561-2330 or email us.