Sy Cloud

Five Element Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine


Sy Cloud is an acupuncturist at Natural Health Center, where he provides Five Element Acupuncture and also uses traditional Chinese medicine including herbology, qi gong exercises and Chinese dietary therapy to support patients of all ages.

By taking the whole person into consideration, Sy treats the patient’s constitution to achieve relief from a wide variety of symptoms, whether physical illness or injury, or mental and emotional stress.

Sy’s treatments are designed by carefully listening to the patient in an effort to determine where they’ve fallen off their tao – in other words, where they’ve gone off balance. Acupuncture points are then selected to support and strengthen a person’s constitution, making the treatment very specific to the individual. Learn more about the conditions that can be treated with acupuncture.

In Five Element Acupuncture, two people with identical Western diagnoses will receive different treatments due to the uniqueness of each person and their personal relationship to their disease. 

Sy graduated from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, Florida in 2011. An ancient form of medicine, Classical Five Element Acupuncture works by treating a person at the level of body, mind and spirit. It enables a person to move back into harmony with themselves, their emotions and their life as a whole. 

In addition to his studies in Florida, Sy has 15 years of study and practice in traditional Chinese medicine, including a five-year apprenticeship with a traditionally trained acupressurist herbalist.

Sy also is an avid outdoorsman, dedicated to experiencing what this beautiful land has to offer outside. He especially enjoys mountaineering, skiing, rafting and hunting. 

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