Integrative Medicine Services

At Natural Health Center


At the Natural Health Center, we provide a full range of integrative medicine services designed to effectively treat conditions and help our patients achieve and maintain optimal health. We care for patients of all ages – from baby through adulthood.

Our services include:

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

  • Classical five-element acupuncture

  • Moxibustion

  • Traditional Chinese medicine

  • Allergy elimination

Chiropractic Medicine

  • Manipulation

  • Non-force adjustments

  • Active Release Technique (ART)

  • Orthotics

  • Personal injury and Workers’ Compensation

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Kinesio taping technique

Family Nurse Practitioner Care

  • Sick and wellness visits

  • Functional medicine

  • Acute care, such as ear infections, strep tests, fever, etc.

  • Annual exams for insurance/work

    • Gynecological exams and PAP smears

    • Well-child exams

    • Laboratory exams, blood testing, imaging

  • Diabetes management

  • Women’s health issues, including support for PMS and menopause

  • Men’s health

  • Thyroid management

  • Pediatric care for infants and children

  • Prescription medication

Medical Massage

  • Classic Swedish massage

  • Myofascial trigger point therapy

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Trigger point release

  • Acupressure

  • Prenatal massage

  • Sports massage

  • Craniosacral massage

  • Rolfing® structural integration

Mental Health Counseling

  • Brief intervention therapy

  • Client-centered therapy

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

  • Family systems therapy

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy

Naturopathic Medicine

  • Botanical medicine

  • Homeopathic medicine

  • Environmental medicine

  • Nutritional assessment and therapy

  • Annual exams for insurance/work

    • Gynecological exams and PAP smears

    • Well-child exams

    • Laboratory exams, blood testing, imaging

  • Women's health issues, including natural support for PMS and menopause

  • Men’s health

  • Natural care for pediatric patients

  • Annual spring cleanse programs/detoxification

  • Natural thyroid management

  • Hydrotherapy

We also have an extensive, in-clinic dispensary for herbs and supplements, ensuring that your doctor’s recommendations can be filled immediately with the highest quality products. This saves you time and money, and ensures that refills for existing patients can be provided quickly and efficiently.

The integrative medicine services provided at the Natural Health Center are covered by most group insurance plans, and all of our providers are preferred providers for Blue Cross/Blue Shield policyholders. Whenever possible, we will bill your insurance company for the services we provide. We will also process your Workers’ Compensaion or personal injury claims when appropriate. Learn more about our insurance billing.