Natural Health Center - Our Founders

Anchorage integrative medicine clinic


In December 1984, following their graduations from Portland, Oregon colleges, Dr. Hope Wing and Dr. Rick Abbott, founders of the integrative medicine clinic Natural Health Center, drove up the Al-Can to establish their practices in Anchorage. Dr. Wing had received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from what is now known as the National University of Natural Medicine, and Dr. Abbott had graduated from Western States Chiropractic College.  

Initially, Dr. Wing practiced naturopathic medicine in an allopathic medical office. After two years of living in Alaska, she and Dr. Abbott established a private practice together that has evolved and grown over the years into one of Anchorage’s top integrative medicine clinics.

In 1998, they established the Natural Health Center in midtown Anchorage as a beautiful, purpose-built, permanent home for naturopathic and chiropractic health care. Today, Natural Health Center has evolved into an integrative medicine clinic that provides a collaborative and compassionate environment for the best possible care of Alaskans.

Dr. Wing was the first female naturopathic doctor in Alaska, and she brought a holistic women’s health practice to the state based upon the principles of treating the whole person, getting at the root cause of illnesses and imbalances, and facilitating a person’s own healing process. She completed postgraduate studies in classical homeopathy at the International Foundation for Homeopathy and the New England school of Homeopathy. A groundbreaking medical professional, Dr. Wing was instrumental in obtaining Alaska state licensure for naturopaths in 1986 and was a co-founder of the Alaska Naturopathic Physicians Association; she served as its president for several years. Because of her contributions to the profession, she was awarded a lifetime membership in the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians in 1991. Dr. Wing also established the dispensary at Natural Health Center, rounding out the services available at the clinic. She retired from clinical practice in 2011.

Dr. Abbott continues to practice at the Natural Health Center and strives to live his life by the two simple tenets he bases his practice on: treat patients the way you would want to be treated, and assist patients to get well as quickly as possible and teach them how to take better care of themselves. He completed postgraduate training in Active Release Technique (ART),which focuses on the muscle’s role in acute and chronic injuries. Dr. Abbott is active in the Anchorage swimming community, building on a love of the sport that began with his All-American designation in high school. He currently competes in swim meets around the world and holds many state, national and world records, including two gold medals in the 1975 Pan America Games.