Chiropractic Care

At Natural Health Center


At the Natural Health Center, we have been providing chiropractic care since 1985, successfully relieving pain and restoring function to patients who had not responded to conventional techniques.

Our three experienced chiropractors offer diversified chiropractic care including Active Release Technique, kinesio taping technique, motion palpation, craniosacral therapy, and sacro-occipital and non-force techniques. We place emphasis on stretching and holistic rehabilitation, and work with our patients to provide individualized therapeutic exercise plans. We can order X-rays if needed, and can also fit you with a variety of quality orthopedic supplies, including orthotics.

We will also process your Workers’ Compensation or personal injury claims when appropriate. Learn more about our billing and insurance.

Meet our chiropractors: Rick Abbott, DC, Rich Woolley, DC, and Dr. Leah Humphries.