Dr. Rich Woolley

Certified in trigger point dry needling


Dr. Rich Woolley began his education at Brigham Young University (BYU), where he earned a bachelor’s in athletic training, which included two years of clinical rotations working with a variety of high school and university sports teams’ athletic injuries. After graduation, he worked shortly as an athletic trainer with the BYU dance department before beginning chiropractic school.

Dr. Woolley graduated from Logan University with a doctorate of chiropractic and magna cum laude with a master’s in sports science and rehabilitation in 2015. He joined the team at Natural Health Center in March of 2019. He continues to maintain his athletic trainer certification active through the national Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer.

Dr. Woolley’s goal in treatment is to restore maximal pain-free range of motion in postural balance and strengthen the body to withstand further injury. He strives to achieve this goal with his patients by utilizing a variety of treatment methods including osteopathic muscle energy technique, joint manipulation, massage, positional release technique, trigger point dry needling, taping, rehabilitative exercise, etc. Dr. Woolley is certified in trigger point dry needling through Myopain Seminars. Apart from the spine, he enjoys treating the extremities, especially the shoulder.

In his free time, Dr. Woolley enjoys hardstyle kettlebell training, mountain biking, alpine skiing, hunting, fishing, being outside, and reading. He is married to his lovely wife, Rachel, and they have one child.