Heidi Helling

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ at Natural Health Center


Born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, Certifed Advanced Rolfer™ Heidi Helling has continually been shaped by vast spaces in the natural world and moving through them via foot, bike, and skis.

Spurred by the quest to feel more at ease in her body, Heidi discovered yoga as a modality to build physical strength and connection. She completed her yoga teacher certification in 2010 and continues to use her practice as a laboratory for anatomical education and embodiment.

Seeking a deeper understanding of the body and human potential led Heidi to study Rolfing® Structural Integration. In 2014, Heidi became a Certified Rolfer™ through The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, Colorado.

Rolfing SI specializes in working with the connective tissue of the body, specifically the fascia. Fascia is found throughout the body, weaving in and around bones, muscles and organs to create a broad network of connections spanning the entire system. With injury, repetitive use, and the influence of gravity, fascia can become restricted in areas of the body. Because it is a web of continuous connection, localized restrictions can affect the entire system. This is why an alignment issue in the foot can cause pain the neck. Rolfing SI works with the entire body in a range of positions to free these restrictions and guide the body toward its natural sense of balance and ease. 

Heidi’s experience as an Advanced Rolfer™, Rolfing teacher in training, yoga practitioner and instructor, artist and outdoor enthusiast spurs and feeds her understanding of the way movement, creativity and physical vitality intersect. Sessions with Heidi create an environment for your body to undergo and maintain deep and sustainable shifts toward greater freedom and ease, throughout your life. Whether seeking relief from chronic pain or injury, increased performance in athletic activities, or a deeper sense of embodiment, sessions with Heidi are a uniquely effective treatment. 

Heidi creates a safe space to experience and explore your body in new ways. Working from the ground up, you can expect to gain a greater sense of awareness, ease and effortless alignment. Heidi has continued to expand and refine her skills through training to become and instructor at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, becoming a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and completing in-depth training and certification in Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy.

Heidi lives in Palmer, Alaska with her husky malamute, Sparrow. She enjoys hiking, skiing, mountain biking and learning about and foraging wild plants. Heidi continues to feed her creativity by making jewelry and art through her brand, Wolf + Rove.

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